As a family of families in the UK we were blessed to have been given a substantial gift towards S&L Training which we have used to purchase 2 houses in Oxford. These houses now generate a significant and reliable income for the charity which we are now in position to sow more intentionally into the work carried out by the Spheres.

We want to fund initiatives that recruit, train and release spiritual, entrepreneurial, missional leadership!

What kind of training?

Training that produces workers who are equipped to advance the kingdom

Within this we are wanting to fund training in keeping with our values:

Accessible: Developing teaching methods that are accessible educationally, geographically and financially for the wide range of people we find in our family of churches.

Leadership: An emphasis on leadership development, including church leadership and missional leadership.

Diversity: Recognising that we are a diverse family of churches, speaking well of each other and promoting cooperation rather than competition.

Critical: Teaching styles that critically explore different viewpoints, with the aim of producing theologically-confident learning

Evangelical charismatic: As expressed in our Core Commitments documents.

Who can apply?

All applications must be sponsored by a member of the S&L UK Team

In most circumstances we expect the recipient of the funds to be a UK registered charity with aims compatible with our own charitable aims.

How much money?

Over 20/21, 21/22 & 22/23 we are looking to make grants to a total of £70,000.

How to apply?

Applications should be made in writing to Steve Thomas, Chair of S&L Trustees

They should include an abstract covering:

  • The nature of the project to be funded
  • The number of people to be trained
  • The total budget for the project
  • Bank account & charitable status details
  • Details of other funding sources applied to or secured
  • The name of the UK Team member(s) sponsoring the application.

Previous Grants given