Supporting delivery of flexible part-time courses in theology

King’s School of Theology offers flexible part-time courses in theology that equips people for all of life, church, work and ministry. We have nearly 40 years’ experience in serving the local church through providing high quality education.

Their courses are aimed at those who want to deepen their Christian faith through study, lead with more depth, think with more clarity, serve with greater purpose, and know more of God.

A £10,000 grant has supported them in delivering their content across our UK churches and to develop a sustainable wider market.

Creating Video Series for Training Missional Church Plants

Richard Colbrook has received an increasing number of requests for help with missional training. The normal mode of training is with leadership teams and budding evangelists and so does not always penetrate into the church as a whole

A £4,000 grant has allowed him to develop three series of short online videos for training in mission, church planting and community charity development.

These videos are aimed at both church leadership teams and church small groups and will include training for budding evangelists, church plant leaders and missional church leaders.

Kick-starting Training Pipeline for Unreached People Groups

Oxford Community Church are developing their ‘pipeline’ (people feeling called, and in preparation to go) to build on their history of sending several workers to UPGs over 2000-2020,

A £1,000 grant has enabled them to plan to bring catalytic leaders Len and Debi Bartlotti to visit UK in 2021 to assist with kick-starting that pipeline across S&L Advance, with potential availability to visit other S&L UK churches.

Fund Project Lead for pilot ‘School of the Spirit’ course

Oxford Community Church are working towards developing a ‘School of the Spirit’, which when fully launched in 2022, will serve churches across the Advance sphere. There will also be opportunity for key leaders to get involved in a pilot in 2021. Supportive links are developing with Bethel and its BSSM.

A £9,000 grant has allowed them to pilot and ‘ramp up their plans by helping fund project leadership to get this off the ground, as well as costs to attend training events in Europe and USA.

Creating Video Series for delivering Level 1 leadership training

Salt & Light Advance want to get their churches to the point where they can consistently offer ‘Level 1 leadership training’, in a way that is not dependant on having a large enough cohort (a problem in a small church) or the time to develop their own resources.

A £1,300 grant helped to fund a one-off project to record and package Level 1 leadership training,for 1-to-1 and small group work.

Funding Bursary Programme for 2 year Leadership Academy

Maximise has started a Leadership Academy (LA) as a two year process aimed at raising future church leaders, church planters, ministry leaders and kingdom entrepreneurs from across their sphere.

A £1,000 grant has enabled them to offer bursaries for those who can’t afford to cover the full costs of their place.

Funding Bursary Programme for 2 year Leadership & Management BTEC

Three13 is a training arm of Tees Valley Community Church has a training arm and runs an accredited Academy of Ministry and Leadership, offering an accredited a two year QCF Level 7 part-time course in Leadership and Management (leading to a BTEC Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management – equivalent to a vocational postgraduate qualification).

A £4,000 grant has enabled them to offer an increased level of bursary to those who would otherwise miss out on this opportunity.

Funding Development of Online Theology Training

King’s School of Theology has identified two opportunities to respond to the learnings of the pandemic by further developing on-line learning as a new area of growth: Developing a parallel online track to the current course and delivering new standalone modules, delivered online and with different models.

A £4,000 grant has allowed for the recruitment of a 2-day a week online development manager, and the associated IT & AV equipment