Resources from our more recent conferences and camps are freely available on YouTube and iTunes. Older ones are available on disc from our online shop.

Audio for all Impact 2019 sessions can be found at the links below

  1. Connected to the Head for purpose – Doug Kreighbaum
  2. Connected to one another for purpose – Doug Kreighbaum
  3. Connected to the world for purpose – Andy Barclay-Watt
  4. Drawing daily life from the scriptures – Doug Kreighbaum
  5. Deepening your devotional life – Elyse Horner
  6. Building effective teams – Ben Rook
  7. Releasing body ministry – Chris Richards
  8. The life of Jesus: multiplication of disciples, leaders and communities – Aled Griffith


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Leaders Conferences

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Impact 2019 Coming soon
GameChangers 2017 Listen
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International Leaders Conference 2016 Watch
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