Along with the global charismatic and evangelical movements we share some core beliefs:

A fuller statement of evangelical belief is found here

1 The Bible

Through the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, God has revealed universal, eternal and authoritative truth to humankind in such a way that all can grasp it.

2 The person and work of Christ

God’s eternal Word became human in the historical man Jesus, who definitively reveals God to humanity and made atonement on the cross for human sin.

3 Conversion

The truth of the eternal gospel must be appropriated in personal faith, which comes through repentance, and a reorientation of the sinner’s mind, heart and life towards God.

4 Mission and activism

We join with God as he shows his love to the world, redeems the world from sin, and gathers a family from all nations.

5 Holy Spirit

He plays an essential part in lives of individuals and churches as we allow him to help us live life with God, love other people and play our part in God’s work.

6 Kingdom of God

God’s rule impacts the whole of life, as we preach, live and demonstrate the gospel of the Kingdom, addressing injustice, poverty and oppression.

7 Church

Large or small, local communities of believers, in which everyone plays their part, are the centre of God’s plan to change the world.