Going Global

Salt & Light

Going Global

  • A growing number of Salt & Light leaders and churches agree that God is leading us into a new phase of our engagement in world mission.

    He wants us to work together to make disciples among the least reached.

  • We believe God is calling us to a new phase in our missions work overseas, to prioritise the least reached people groups – nations where it is not easy to find a follower of Christ.

  • While adapting our approach to the people group we are working with, we will maintain our concern to make disciples through works, word and wonders.

  • Salt & Light is a family joined and built by God with shared values, history, spiritual life, and leadership. So we expect Him to send us together in teams on global mission.


Our global missions team works together with S&L churches, and with like-minded agencies to connect people who share a passion for similar people and places. We can help equip your local church to send and support you well. If you feel God may be calling you or would like to know more about going, praying or sending, please get in touch by emailing goingglobal@saltlight.org
We aim to connect people from our family of churches who have similar interests in unreached nations or unreached people-groups.

For security reasons we will then verify your identity with your national and local church leadership, and determine the best way to contact you further. All data will be handled securely, in accordance with UK data protection laws and only shared securely with national apostolic leaders within the S&L family of churches.