Unity And Diversity – Releasing The Variety Of Gifts That God Has Put In The Church

July 2020, Steve Thomas

Steve’s short book aims to articulate the essentials of the apostolic and the other four ministries described in Ephesians 4:11 as fundamental to the life of every local church. The book is practical: Steve is not seeking to write a theological justification for contemporary apostolic or other fivefold ministries. It will lead us to ask: Are we clear on what sort of leadership and ministry we want to develop in our churches, and how we should go about this? How can we develop networks of ministry that can work together in harmony, producing strong and thriving churches – big ones for big cities, and smaller ones for smaller towns and villages, but nonetheless strong and thriving, rather than struggling and merely surviving?

UK Books

This series of books were generated by different leaders in the UK family of churches to address emerging issues.

Leading Today - Church Leadership In A Changing World

- Steve Thomas

Good leadership is a key to the health of just about any arena of life. Righteous, skilful, and honest leadership do a nation, business, church or family good! Steve Thomas writes to help church leadership answer some specific challenges: How do we change our paradigms, ways of thinking and styles of leadership to adapt to the new and changing situation of our world? What needs to change, and what needs to stay? In short, ‘what kind of house’ does God want?


Holy Spirit People - Receiving and Releasing The Life of God

- Roger Cole & Mike Beaumont

Our family of churches was born out of an encounter with the Holy Spirit that was dynamic, powerful and unpredictable. As we have matured as a family a new challenge has emerged: to engage that life of the Spirit with the world he longs to touch. Both these aspects – what Mike and Roger call ‘the water and the wheel’ – are needed if we are going to not only rediscover our roots as a family of churches but also push on into the new vision that God is calling us to. Mike is a Bible Teacher, based in Oxford but travelling widely to teach in the UK and other nations. Roger leads a church in Henley and also travels, encouraging others to respond to the work of the Holy Spirit.


Living Generously - A Big-hearted People With A Big-hearted God

- Steve Thomas

As we are facing big global economic challenges, how are God’s people meant to respond in the use of their time, homes, and money? With ‘prudent wisdom’ or ‘generous faith’? And is there a right way to live, in any time or season, that doesn’t depend on circumstances, economic blessing, or prosperity? What attitude does God want us to carry, as we pursue our vision?


Loving God, Living Church - Church For People Who Believe God Really Does Love The World

- Mark Norridge

“I wouldn’t ever go to church, but I like the fact that it is there!” That comment reflects how some still find vague comfort in the church, particularly at times of need; while also seeing it as an irrelevant relic of a bygone age, simply one voice among many. Society in the UK is changing. Church is no longer at the centre of local communities. Is the church as we know it working?


Made for People - Community, Relationship And The People Of God

- Phil Norris

God is relationship! Starting with this implication of the Trinity, Made for People shows what it means for God’s people to live relationally and how this flows out into the mission of God.


Radical Discipleship - The Adventure Of Change

- Martin Dunkley

“You are just about to begin the most exciting adventure that it’s possible for anyone in life to go on.” For Martin Dunkley, that’s how the journey of discipleship began – an adventure of change as he followed Jesus. His powerful personal story and biblical reflections inspire us to live life as disciples: following Jesus through our daily choices, seeing our attitudes and actions changed, and finding the fruitful ministry Jesus has for us.


Reaching Lost People - Helping Friends Find Friendship With Jesus

- Richard Colbrook

A common myth says, “I’m not going to talk to my friends about Jesus because I want a genuine friendship without any agenda.” Through a blend of compelling personal stories and clear-headed biblical teaching, Richard and Kate Colbrook dispel myths about personal evangelism, inspiring and equipping you to help your friends find their own friendship with Jesus.


Revealing Jesus - Living As God’s People In Today’s World

- Steve Jones

Britain’s greatest need is not for more money or a more stable government. Neither is it for church programmes and activities. The people of Britain do not need us. They need Jesus. He has a plan for introducing himself to this nation, which is to enable his people really to live as children of God, so that other people can meet God in and through us. He wants us not only to shine his light into the darkest places, but ourselves to shine as ‘little lights’ that look like him. But what does that mean in daily life? How do we live out this transforming faith?


Tear down the Walls - Getting into our Communities

- Ally Kay

Ally Kay came to Christ whilst serving as a Para Commando in the French Foreign Legion in 1986. His conversion was a dramatic one that led to a prison sentence, and later, on release, to a homeless hostel in Ashford in Kent. Ally now works with the poor and marginalised on the streets of Derby. Through gripping stories and biblical principles, this book communicates a passion for all of God’s church to transform our society: doing good to people, being available to people, praying for people, and being a blessing!


Roots & Shoots

This series of books from across our international family unpacks the truth that “What is hidden in the roots will be revealed in the shoots.”

Chastity begins at home

- Rob and Gill Buckeridge & David and Gill Oliver

A guidebook for parents seeking to lead their children through the sexual minefield



- Stanley Mehta

A Way of Life for Christians



- Steve Thomas

A Model for Christian Leadership


Getting the Good News Out

Seven evangelists tell their stories



- Edwin Monger

Our heart attitude to our money


God’s Frozen Assets

- Chris Richards

Releasing women to ministry


Grave New World

- Rick Thomas

Ethical dilemmas in modern health care


Guarding the Heart

- Barney Coombs

Dealing with our serious character flaws before they blow up


Living in the World

- Stephen Jones

How to stay godly in an ungodly world


Passing on the Baton

- David Freeman

The role of Christian education


Remembering the Poor

- Ken Peters

“All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do”


Spiritual Gifts

- John Micklefield & Dave Perry

How the nine supernatural gifts work and contribute to the life of the church


The Bible - God’s Life Word

- Brian Watts

How, by the power of the Spirit, the Word affects Life.


The Cross

- Dave Perry

What the Bible says about the meaning of the cross.


The Future Starts Now

- Mike Beaumont

Seeking the kingdom of God on earth


The Journey

- Bob Whitchurch

The Story of Salt & Light Ministries


Train up a child

- Derek and Janie Hopwood

Exploring certain core issues for Christian parents.


Training and releasing leaders

- Dave Richards

To continue our success we have to train successors


What is God like

- Tony Gray

Re-discover the sense of mystery - to ask again a child’s questions and grapple with the wonder of God and our relationship with him.


Worship the Lord

- Tony Gray and Dennis Merry

Jesus tells us that the Father seeks not just worshippers, but a certain kind of worshipper – those who worship him in spirit and truth.


You will have Power

- Tony Gray

Understanding Baptism in the Holy Spirit



A series of workbooks for equipping new Christians by Mike Beaumont


How can we be sure that we have begun a new life in Jesus?



What is the church really? And what does it do?



What is baptism and what does it do in the life of the believer?



What are the areas that God wants to change in our lives?



How do we grow as a Christian?



How and why should I tell others about Jesus?



Who is the Holy Spirit and what does he do in our lives?


Other books

Enemies of the Soul

- Mike Beaumont

A discipleship course for small groups to deal with 13 “enemies of our souls”.Bitteness, (Friendship with the world, Love of power, Self, Greed, Gossip, Jealousy, Fear, Laziness, Pleasing others, Pride, Irritability and anger, Sexual sin, Unbelief) Based on an original concept designed by Rey de Reys Church, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


A Guide to Practical Pastoring

- Barney Coombs

A 'hands-on' reference for those who are involved in the work of leading or pastoring a congregation. It takes an honest look at the problems that may occur and gives biblical guidelines for dealing with them, as well as the benefit of many years experience.


Audio from the archive

Willie Burton

Willie Burton - the apostle to the Congo - was a key shaper in Barney Coombs early ministry. These tapes from his 1960s ministry give a flavour of the apostolic foundations of our family

Dennis Peacocke

Dennis Peacocke - one of the founders of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders - delivered this foundational word to one of the first conferences of our family of churches in the early 80s

  • Electing God to be God in our Hearts