Racial Justice And The Church

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Racial Justice And The Church

by Admin | Jun 25, 2020 | Blog

Since the death of George Floyd on May 25th in Minnesota, USA, we have witnessed waves of protests in many nations under the slogan of Black Lives Matter. It feels like there is a further surge in the battle against racism across the board.

How should Christians respond in the face of all this? Is there racism in the church, where there should not be? What do we say to church members who want to protest? And, in particular, how are leaders in the Salt & Light family positioning themselves at this time.

So we gathered leaders from four continents together to discuss this together, under the chairmanship of Pastor Anderson Moyo, a Zimbabwean by nationality who leads a multi-ethnic church in Sheffield, UK. It is a long conversation, because it represents different nations. And with 10-12 international leaders and preachers in the conversation, it was never going to be short, because it is also a complicated subject.

But we invite you to listen to the range of views here, and hopefully be encouraged, edified and challenged!

Leader, Salt & Light International Apostolic Team

Steve Thomas | Jun 25, 2020