In the UK Salt & Light works as a family of families to acknowledge both our togetherness and the distinctiveness of our local expressions (which we call Spheres).
Spheres are not necessarily geographic (though many have a substantial core in one locality) but express the joinings that God has made between local leaders and apostolic teams within our family.

A family…

Our togetherness consists of broad vision for:

  • Encouraging national vision for church-planting,
  • Developing strong apostolic church bases
  • Training up leadership and Ephesians 4 ministry teams within our churches and across apostolic spheres
  • Encouraging initiatives and mission that will impact and change society

Apostolic sphere leaders want to be mutually accountable for how they are leading the accomplishment of this broad vision within their apostolic spheres.
We also have a statement of core commitments, which act as a framework for our family life.

The wording of this is sometimes adapted by different apostolic spheres to reflect different local language choices, but they are not substantially different.

The apostolic sphere leaders together (as the UK Team) determine the joint events and ministries which can be best undertaken together.

…Of families

Precise strategy of the accomplishment of the above broad vision rests with apostolic sphere. Each sphere will have distinct vision and strategy for this implementation. Sphere teams are in the process of determining:

  • An appropriate name for their apostolic sphere
  • The specific vision & values of their sphere within our core commitment framework
  • The main foci of their mission
  • Who is on their sphere team(s)
  • How those teams are going to develop
  • Goals and strategies for fulfilment of the above vision
  • Following what God is saying to them prophetically
  • Supervising what they develop

Apostolic sphere leaders will want to inform and consult with other apostolic team leaders about all these things, in a spirit of mutual submission and relationship, and also “iron sharpening iron”. This will avoid unnecessary cross-overs of working into the same place from two spheres, for example, or any other conflicting interests.