INSPIRE – a leadership event

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2018-02-16 - 2018-02-18 All day
Yarnfield Park
Address: 1 High Lows Ln, Yarnfield, Stone ST15, UK

This is the key opportunity for us to gather as leaders and influencers from across the Synergy Sphere of churches. Both as leaders in the church and the marketplace we’ll have a distinct focus on younger and emerging talents and be drawn into greater kingdom effectiveness as we’re joined by Debra Green (Redeeming Our Communities), Anthony Delaney (Ivy Church) and Rich Robinson (5Q

Booking will be open in November for our time together at Yarnfield Park.

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  • 2018-03-23 - 2018-03-24 All day

    We are proposing a biannual pattern of 4 events for starting autumn 2017, through to summer 2019

    • Topics
      • Discipleship for mission
      • Joining God's mission (finding people of peace)
      • Family on mission (cultivating missional church)
      • Being confident gospel communities
    • Dates
      • 17-18 November 2017 (Friday evening and Saturday until 5pm)
      • 23-24 March 2018
      • November 2018 (tbc)
      • Spring 2019 (tbc)
  • 2018-04-08 - 2018-04-13 All day

    From 8-13 April 2018 we are hosting a conference workshop for mature and developing Ephesians 4 ministries and teams to be equipped in apostolic and evangelistic passion, as a continuation of the theme at our successful International Leaders Conference 2018 in UK.

    Our passion across the global Salt & Light family is to see the gospel of Christ’s love break into every nation and society. This conference aims to gather Ephesians 4 ministries together to clarify our focus, to fuel our passion, and to sharpen our vision and strategy to impact today’s world. It will be apostolic and evangelistic, inspirational and equipping!

  • 2018-05-04 - 2018-05-08 All day

  • 2018-05-29 - 2018-10-01 All day

    To register interest for any of the  events or trips please go to


    Tyndale is a school run by Oxford Community Church. This is an opportunity to support local families by running a holiday club and to teach the kids about Jesus.

    WHEN: Summer 2018
    COST: Participants will cover their own travel, accommodation, & food costs
    ACCOMMODATION: Some church host spaces will be available
    CONTACT: Al McNicoll


    A gathering of churches to ‘be family’ together. A mixture of worship & teaching. There will also be some kids work. Everyone will be expected to muck in! Capacity of 100 people.

    WHERE: West Coast of Wales
    WHEN: July 2018
    CONTACT: Crispin & Chloe Angood


    Reaching out to the families in Bicester. Not just a holiday club for children but wanting to reach the whole family. Bicester is a growing garden city with lots of opportunities to reach out.

    WHEN: Start of Summer Holiday
    COST: Free
    LENGTH: 5 days
    ACCOMMODATION: Hosted by church families
    CONTACT: Mark Eley


    Join with Christians from across Oxford on Cowley Road, the most multicultural part of Oxford, to share the good news of Jesus with our
    Muslim friends.

    COST: Will need to cover travel, accommodation, & food
    ACCOMMODATION: Some church host spaces will be available
    CONTACT: Keith Elmitt


    Equipping for churches across the Sphere to take forward The Turning in their locations, as well as impacting Oxfordshire through this week of

    WHEN: 25 May – 1 June 2018
    COST: Participants will cover their own travel, food and accommodation.
    ACCOMMODATION: Some church host spaces will be available
    CONTACT: Simon Jackman


    One week of The Turning outreach. A combination of soaking in God’s presence and carrying the gospel to the people on the streets of this town.

    WHEN: August 2018
    COST: Participants will
    cover their own travel and
    CONTACT: Neil Townsend


    For a week, all together, in every borough in London, a number of churches will be working together to run the Turning. We are invited to put together teams to help those boroughs do the turning and see people
    on their streets praying to Jesus.
    CONTACT: Neil Townsend


    A Mixture of a classic summer Christian camp and outreach on the streets of Reading. Their will be evenings of worship and teaching followed by days out on the streets of Reading doing The Turning

    WHEN: Summer Holiday 2018
    Camping at Reading Rugby Club
    CONTACT: Neil Townsend


    A Trip of 1-2 weeks to support Church contacts
    in Turkey in prayer and practical support
    WHEN: July/August 2018 COST: approx £300
    CONTACT: Al McNicoll & Keith Elmitt


    A Trip to support Church contacts in Skopje, F.Y.R.
    Macedonia in social action and prayer
    WHEN: June/July 2018 COST: approx £300
    CONTACT: Keith Elmitt


    A mixture of prayer, DIY and trekking to Berber villages
    (Reasonable fitness required)
    WHEN: May 2018 COST: approx £800
    CONTACT: John Gridley


    A 5-10 Day trip Mission and Prayer
    with local churches in South Poland
    WHEN: May/June 2018 COST: £150-£200
    CONTACT: Matt Biddlecombe


    Launching The Turning in Paris. French Speakers only
    WHEN: October 2018 COST: approx £300-500
    CONTACT: Neil Townsend


    2 weeks to support through helping with English Conversation
    Classes and working with Children with special needs
    WHEN: Easter 2018 COST: approx £1200
    CONTACT: Neil Townsend


    A 5 day Trip of prayer and practicl mission
    WHEN: June 2018 COST: £350
    CONTACT: Dan Campsall


    A Trip to support in local mission and prayer
    When: TBC Cost: £1100
    CONTACT: Dan Campsall


    Working with a local contact to support and encourage people
    in need
    WHEN: July 2018 COST: £TBC
    CONTACT: Olivia Enticknap

  • 2018-08-03 - 2018-08-05 All day

    The family of churches in the North West & North Wales are planning to go to Cefn Lea for a family "camp" in the summer of 2018.