Goal 1: Healthy Growing Churches

By 2020 we aim to be a movement of healthy, mission-focussed churches, having doubled in size to 150 churches and 12,000 people.

Goal 2: Developing Apostolic Bases

By 2020 we aim to have increased to 15 regional apostolic teams that strengthen, equip and support churches to reach our communities and regions, and beyond.

Goal 3: Releasing Leaders

By 2020 we aim to have trained at least 300 new leaders for churches and teams, inspiring, equipping and leading God’s people into our vision.

Goal 4: Transforming Society

By 2020, we aim to have developed 5 national teams that encourage and enable initiatives to impact and change society.

King's School of Theology

King’s School of Theology is a training school run by Salt and Light Ministries, UK. We offer flexible part-time courses in Theology, with an emphasis on ministry and practical application.


GameChangers is for leaders and influencers, whether leaders in the workplace, their communities or their church. God is speaking afresh about us being leaders that shape, innovate, pioneer and ‘change the game’, wherever we find ourselves!


Transform is our annual summer camp. A chance to join together with 2000 others from across the S&L UK family to be envisioned and equipped for our mission together.