Our Team

Our International Team

The Salt & Light International Team are made up of team leaders and other regional leaders from across our international family of churches. Profiles are below.

Photo: Team at International Conference 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

Salt & Light


Apostolic (fivefold, Ephesians 4) teams have a heart and responsibility to create a movement of healthy, growing and missional churches, not simply sustain and support existing churches with their existing members.

We use a simple arrow graphic to teach these points, highlighting that extension and impartation of the supernatural should be at the leading edge of the mission.

As we read the NT descriptions of apostolic teams, we see a number of important things that they did. We see this as a pattern for our Salt & Light apostolic teams today:


  • Continually stimulating the call to mission
  • Leading in breakthrough and preaching the Gospel in new settings
  • Supporting churches with training in mission

Problem Solving

  • Supporting churches through problems
  • Guarding against false teaching
  • Regular engagement, not just crisis management

Foundation Laying

  • Establishing people together in Christ as communities
  • Ensuring Biblical vision, doctrine and practice
  • Considering what is in place and attending to lacks
  • Advising on development

Leadership Training And Appointment

  • Helping identify and appointing elders
  • Helping identify and train future leaders

Supernatural Impartation

  • Ensuring churches experience a Spirit-filled life
  • Imparting the power of God

Promoting Unity

  • Building family and resolving broken relationships within churches
  • Promoting a concern for the wider church and its leaders

Our International Team

  • Europe
  • Africa
  • North America
  • Asia
  • Other




Steve and Lorraine are based in Oxfordshire, UK. Having planted several churches around the city of Oxford, Steve is now supporting the development of 3 new regional ministry teams. He also travels widely training, teaching and coaching leadership teams, working particularly alongside the team in French-speaking Europe, and supporting national apostolic teams. Steve leads the International Team, gathering leaders from each of the families of churches and apostolic spheres in the Salt & Light international family.


Eddy & Anne Wallez

Eddy took over the leadership of Destinée, the family of French-speaking Salt &Light churches, in 2017. Eddy and Anne work in the region of Lille in Northern France and in Belgium with a leadership team to lead “Eglises sans frontières” (“Churches Without Borders”). Their pastoral and apostolic hearts are a blessing to many. They have five children.


Mats & Monica Norden

In 1992 Mats and Monica planted a church in his hometown, Västerås. Having grown to 200 members the church is now well known in the country of Sweden because of the work it does, employing more than 100 people working in the church school, social projects and the church. They serve other churches in Sweden, Latvia, India, Poland and Zimbabwe. Mats and Monica have 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren.



David (‘Buck’) Hudson is a teacher and prophet serving the churches in the Nordic region, and beyond.



Dave and Chris Richards are based close to Witney, in Oxfordshire. This is the area where they were originally sent out from The Church in Merryfield House and from where they now travel to serve the nations. Dave currently leads the Salt and Light Nordic Apostolic Team and works with similar teams in Kenya, Zimbabwe , Ethiopia, the USA and the UK. Married for over 50 years, they have three children and seven precious grandchildren.



Many of the Salt & Light leaders and churches in Africa work together as ‘Inuka Africa’ – a pan-African movement for mission and unity.


JB and Persiah are part of Deliverance Church in Kenya where JB serves as the General Secretary. 27 years ago they planted Deliverance Church Umoja, and over the years the church has developed into an apostolic base: training, equipping, releasing, and working with leaders who are planting missional churches in East and Central Africa and among Kenyans in the diaspora. JB and Persiah maintain a rigorous local and international itinerary, and have a TV ministry in Kenya.



Ngwiza and Maureen Mnkandla are originally from Zimbabwe, but have recently moved to London, UK, from where they oversee the work of the Faith Ministries group of churches in Zimbabwe and internationally. Ngwiza is also the director of Kairos Leadership Development Institute, a school dedicated to raising a new breed of leaders to “fill the city & nation with their doctrine”. Ngwiza also directs the work of Dawn Africa, a saturation church planting initiative which is part of the Global Dawn Network, a movement he once led worldwide. He also works with Africa Leadership Foundation whose aim is to see transformational leaders raised all over Africa. Ngwiza and Maureen have two children.



Pastor Edward is the general overseer of Deliverance Church Uganda, a national family comprising 460 churches, as well as schools, medical centres, childcare projects and water & sanitation programmes.



Percy and Felicia are based in Harare, Zimbabwe and are part of Faith Ministries (FM) serving as the current Senior Pastor for Zimbabwe as well as a member of the FM International Council. Percy also currently leads Inuka Afrika. With an evident passion for church planting, and, the establishment of strong nation plants, Percy and Felicia are committed to the equipping of saints for the work of ministry. Percy is also a marketplace consultant and Felicia is a teacher. They are blessed with three boys.

North America

North America


Ron and Mary MacLean have been leading Gateway Church in Winnipeg, Canada since 1980. They have four daughters, two sons-in-law and one delightful grandchild. Ron leads the Salt & Light Central family of churches in North America, serves on the Winnipeg Pastors’ Prayer Network and is part of the Salt & Light International Team. Ron also is a coach with the Church Renewal Movement.

North America


Doug and Denise Kreighbaum live in Kansas City, USA, and are participating in a new church plant there. They have four married daughters and ten grandchildren. Doug heads up the leadership team of the C2C (Coast 2 Coast) family of churches as well as being part of the International Team for Salt & Light.

North America


Shane & Erin Good are based in West Lafayette, Indiana, home to Purdue University, where God called them to plant a church. Shane also leads the Foundation Ministries family of churches in the US Midwest. They have been married 20 years, and have a son & daughter, who happen to be twins.

North America

Andrew & Rachelle Freeman

Andrew and Rachelle and their 5 children currently live in Warfield, B.C. Canada, with plans to be moving soon to Nelson, B.C. They have a heart for seeing churches strengthened and becoming all that God wants them to be. They are passionate about God's church being on his mission, seeing new disciples themselves making disciples. They feel called to plant churches and to see others raised up and sent out, and want to see the church mobilised to reach the local and to go to the nations.




Stanley is the founding overseer of Gateway Ministries International (GMI), which has 100+ House churches in India and a few in other parts of the world. He has been serving for the last 37 years. GMI also run a mini-Bible school called Antioch Training Center. A separate ministry to the destitute has been started since 1994 called ‘Sahaara’ (meaning ‘support’) which ministers among lepers, prisoners, blind, street-kids, slum schools, eunuchs, commercial sex workers, and orphans. Stanley and his wife Esme have 2 daughters and a son, who are all married, and two grandchildren.



Joemon is the the successor to Stanley and is progressively taking charge of the oversight of Gateway Ministries International. Based in Mumbai, he serves churches in India and several surrounding nations. He is married to Sunita and they have 2 sons and a daughter.




Andy O’Connell he is based in Oxford, UK, where he is an elder, executive pastor and student pastor in Oxford Community Church. He also serves as Operations Manager for Salt & Light Advance, one of the apostolic spheres in S&L UK.


Ruth Morton

Ruth has been a PA to Steve Thomas for over 10 years and has now also taken on the role of administrator to the S&L International Team. She is a leader in Oxford Community Church, UK, and has a passion for the nations, with a particular heart for France and French-speaking countries in Europe and Africa.