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We see training and equipping as a very important part of what we do, not least because Ephesians 4.12 talks about “equipping God’s people for works of service” as a key part of the function of Ephesians 4 leadership. We offer a range of training, seeking to equip everyone in the church for what God has called them to do. As a family of churches we see much of our training delivered in the local church or in the regions. Regional teams provide support to local leaders to ensure high quality training across a range of areas. Some more specialist training is delivered at a national or continental level.

King's Online Bible School

Description: Providing local church leaders with the resources to nurture their members in God’s Word and equip them to be Christ’s servants.
How long: Our full-time curriculum is equivalent to a nine-month Bible School program. Part-time students are encouraged to complete one term within one calendar year.
How much: free
Where: Anywhere online
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UK Training

King's School of Theology

Launched in 2011, KST has been designed to offer an innovative way to train UK leaders who are well equipped theologically as part of the Salt & Light 2020vision>. KST offers a flexible way of studying theology whilst keeping you rooted in your local church or mission situation; it means that you can start to connect your life and learning from day one. We provide a rich theological education through high quality teaching weekends, regional mentoring, an online student community and self-paced learning, giving you foundations for life that you can put into practice right where you are.
New for 2013-14 are three Tracks, giving you even more choice over the focus of your studies. These are:

  • Theology and Biblical Studies
  • Theology, Worship and Spirituality
  • Theology and Transforming Mission: equipping disciples to be catalysts of change through a Gospel that transforms.

See the King's School of Theology website

Destinée Training

Training across five francophone centers: (Brussels, Lausanne, Marseille, Paris and Lille) Programme Josué is a three level course that takes place each year on year. These three levels of training are independent, each addressing a different audience.

Level 1: Leadership in the church.
Audience: Potential leaders of house groups, youth, etc..
Launch in September 2011

Level 2: Building the church.
Audience: Pastors, youth pastors, leadership teams.
Launch in September 2012

Level 3: Serving trans-locally.
Audience: Pastors, potential and existing Ephesians 4 Ministries.
Launch in September 2013

See the Programme Josué website (in French)

Gateway Ministries Training

As a movement of churches, we believe that Christians should be consistently growing in their faith and walk with God. To help with this, we have put together resources that will nurture this journey.

  • For people wanting to find out more about the Christian faith, we suggest they go on our Foundation Course.
  • For those who are regular members of a GMI church, we run, what we call, a ‘Discovering my Ministry’ course. This one-off afternoon session will help you look at areas in the life of the church, where your skills and talents could be used. We encourage all our members to serve and function in an area of church life.
  • We have further courses to help raise up and train leaders who seek to shoulder responsibilities for our growing churches.
  • The Antioch Training Centre (ATC) is a nine-month, intensive Bible college course that is committed to the holistic growth and development of men and women by discipleship.
    1. To build and strengthen Christian character and commitment by emphasizing personal and community spiritual disciplines, essential to the educational process.
    2. To provide a Christ-centered, Biblically-oriented systematic course, designed to enrich the student's faith and speak with integrity to our pluralistic society.

    3. To impart social attitudes and skills that will enable students to understand relate effectively to a multifaceted community.
    4. To motivate and train students to advance the growth and mission of the church, by providing regular and meaningful ministerial opportunities geared towards church planting.
    5. To provide and facilitate exposure trips, to various mission fields, so as to equip them to a more holistic approach to missions.
    6. To make them aware of social need and equip them to pioneer ministries among the poor and needy.
Subjects that will be included:
Biblical Survey Soteriology
Books of Law Worship Church History
Church Planting Inner Healing
Books of History Gospels
Homiletics Epistles
Discipleship Pnuematology
Leadership Christian Home
Poetical Books Eschatology
Prophetic Books Prayer
Sunday School Apologetics
Sanctification Christology

See the Antioch Training Centre website