Goal 1: Planting and Growing Churches

By 2020 we aim to be a movement of healthy, mission-focussed churches, having doubled in size to 150 churches and 12,000 people.

Church-based We understand that ‘the local church is the hope of the world’. Despite our flaws, failures and frailties, God has made his church – his people, us! – to be his ‘Plan A’. We are committed to establishing, supporting and building churches, because through them will we see God’s kingdom established on earth.

Making disciples Churches are made up of people, and so God wants us to reach and grow more disciples – Jesus-followers that are growing in maturity, fruitfulness and faith!

Diversity God wants to grow churches in order to have the sort of diversity of church that he intends – healthy, missional, growing churches! – We don’t want to ‘clone’ certain types of church, but to have the right sort of church into each community.

Growing God wants us to grow by doing mission and planting new churches! Planting the sort of churches that pioneer, proclaim and transform! (And not just in the UK, but in mainland Europe and among unreached people-groups!)

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